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This second volume of the series "In the Shadow of the Dragon" takes us into the Laogai of Gansu. After being kidnapped by the Beijing police, Cao Yu is transferred there. She will have to survive at the cost of her own morality and her innocence. Fortunately for her the friendship of her friend Weina will enable her to meet these challenges and to escape many dangers. The lover of Weina, the terrible Wang Gang, a follower of Kang Sheng (the former Chief of Chinese secret police), will manipulate all the labor camp staff and inmates to achieve his goals. In Beijing during that time, Mona continues her strategy of dismantling democratic networks. Her lover Wang Jun's deeply disappointing but when the wine is drawn it must be drunk. Erwan and Cecile will succeed in adopting a Chinese child despite enormous difficulties. They will take advantage of their network of friends. But the end of their relationship is close. Other characters in this volume are subject to events and their destiny no longer depends on them. The Dragon has extended its shadow over all...


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#Free Logical reasoning handbook of good practices August 5 to 9


Logical reasoning is a way of drawing conclusions based on partial and previous information about a specific mater. Nevertheless there is a scientific part in the framework of logical reasoning. Logical thinking has two parts; these are objective and subjective. Logical reasoning should be objective and measurable because there is a cause of LOGIC that everyone considers as measurable.
In practical terms reasoning involves the use of probability as to the likely relationship between a cause and an effect. It could be regarded as a form of intelligence but one which depends as much on intuition than knowledge. A clear example might be the activity of solving a puzzle: the subject has partial and previous information (all the puzzle pieces) and will display them (making use of the information) in order to achieve a wider conclusion (the solved puzzle) acceding to new information (the puzzle completed image).
For us, LOGIC is something true in any conditions for everyone. To reason logically is to obtain information using previous knowledge and experience for making conclusion, defining relationships between cause and effects. Experience is sometimes more important than knowledge because the former one is often a necessary condition for the implementation of the latter.
Importance of logical reasoning
The importance of logical reasoning is substantial as it is the base of knowledge dissemination, the way in which creation can be transferred from one generation to another. Furthermore, as a fundamental tool in calculation it has been essential in the development of the society of exchange, barter and subsequently, finance.
This idea of transferability can be extended to the whole of human existence, from social behavior, language and culture in general. It is what enables us to deduce what the possibilities of meaning are when someone waves for example.

1.2. How could it support adult learning in VET context?

First of all, if the concepts of logic apply in the ways indicated above, then they must apply in the same way for training and of course learning. Based on personal gained knowledge and experience, everyone could create his own cause and effect link which could be used in VET.
Logical reasoning forces learners to be active and to participate rather than listen and memorize previously achieved solutions; learners need to find out by themselves the necessary "message" (cfr EU Key Competence) “Learning to learn”. It is felt however that in most aspects of training, with perhaps the exception of mathematics, the idea of logical reasoning is only used subconsciously, perhaps in the same way it is used in everyday life. This is parallel also to the application of key competences. These are generally not ‘taught’ but are inherent in a lot of other aspects and ‘subject’ matter.
Logical reasoning is part of the pedagogical process in which ‘knowledge’ is conveyed and the trainee is allowed to accept, assimilate and then process. A very simple example is in the classical conditioning of “don’t touch”. A child does not necessarily have to touch a hot object himself for example to deduce that it is dangerous and to subsequently project this concept to objects and material other than that being referred to in this instance in society.
In terms of greater exploitation of the concept of logical reasoning, VET would be more efficient if Piaget’s theories were used with more awareness in courses in order to create better courses and improve outcomes. It is extremely important in the drawing up of training objectives with regard to the starting point of the trainee.
Finally, the same ideas apply to recruitment and work integration in general. From the one side in terms of suitability of applicants and matching of skills and from the other in terms of interview technique for example, deciding on the probable strategy which would best suit the circumstances..
Experience and background
This idea of ‘experience’ and background adapted to new contexts is fundamental in the logic of learning and therefore training. It is a question of efficiency; if experimentation and testing were carried out every time a new context were encountered it would involve a great deal more time.

As mentioned earlier, logical reasoning is considered as a means of disseminating knowledge and is therefore entirely relevant to professional training. Ideas have to be conveyed in the best way allowing trainees to think broadly about what they are learning and not just about the content but about outcomes, even long term ones. Their thinking should be ‘unlimited’ and in this way the concept of ‘lifelong learning’ takes on all its significance in terms of the possibility for a better life, job and place.

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Clandestine life is so difficult... Excerpt of "Canal-Bridge" FREE from July 29 to August 2

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Suddenly, there was nobody. Just the sound of the fountain. He turned back. The place was empty, but a slight trace of blood appeared on his neck.
He began to tremble. What was this accusation? He had not raped or killed anyone except in dreams …
He was scared now.
He entered the castle courtyard. Again he looked towards the Pyrenees. The sun was shining and it was quite warm. He stopped along a wall, dropped his backpack, opened it, took off his jacket and stuffed it in his bag. He checked his money was in the bottom of his bag in a hidden pocket and not accessible from outside. Clandestine life is so difficult. Sometimes it was hard to understand that he had never been arrested. He took precautions but was the French police really so inefficient?
He looked back several times. Everything worried him now. How had Marika found him? Had he thrown himself into the lion's den? All this seemed very odd to him. The sun was beating down now. The cut on his neck wasn't flowing anymore. Soon it would be just a bad memory. The accusation of Marika, the abrupt way she had gripped his neck, which had first brought him the beginning of an erection, quickly disappeared, this blend of affection and aggression disturbed him.
The newspaper article vaguely addressed sex games and rape gone wrong, hard drugs, trafficking. In what way was he related to that? He hadn’t killed anyone. But why did he have his hands covered in blood when he returned to Paris on Friday 1st October 1993 in the daytime? Maybe Marika had murdered her sister because of jealousy and removed the body? But the journalist had also written about a witness who had recently informed the police after twenty years of silence. 

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Quand on rencontre un Korrigan... ou l'Ankou ... en mémoire de Rip Van Winkle et en hommage à Washington Irving

Comme c'était mon anniversaire, aujourd'hui / et mon 64ème anniversaire me semblait très important, me souvenant de John Lennon par exemple, avec son fameux «M’aimeras-tu encore quand j’aurai soixante-quatre ans". Donc, avec toutes ces choses dans ma tête, je me suis levé ce matin-là en pensant  au fait que je suis maintenant assez vieux avec mes 64 années gaspillées probablement depuis ma naissance, mais je nie ce fait... Après le petit déjeuner avec ma bien-aimée, j'ai décidé de prendre mes bâtons de marche nordique et de marcher en style nordique depuis ma maison de Pont-Toulhouat jusqu'au Calvaire de Bonigeard, et tant qu’à faire, pourquoi ne pas pousser jusqu’aux Roches du Diable qui sont tout près de ma maison. Ce que je ne savais pas, c'est que d'étranges créatures avaient décidé de me jouer des tours.
Le petit déjeuner avait été très bon. Comme d'habitude, du café du Pérou, du pain fait maison, de la confiture faite par ma belle-mère hongroise (confiture de cerises griottes et de pêche ) + fromage (le genre Breton) + quelques Pruneaux d'Agen et il était temps pour moi de quitter ma belle maison pour faire mon jogging quotidien en style marche nordique sur la piste des "Roches du Diable" en passant par le " Calvaire de Bonigeard ".
Je ne savais pas à ce moment qu’un Korrigan (ou une autre créature) avait déjà décidé de me jouer des tours. Ainsi, autour de 10 heures du matin j'ai quitté ma maison, pris mes bâtons de marche nordique et je me suis dirigé vers le Calvaire de Bonigeard.

Au début, tout était parfait. Beau temps et ensoleillé, température ok, autour de 25 ° C, pas de problème du tout. En arrivant au Calvaire de Bonigeard, à 2 km de la maison, j'ai décidé de prendre un chemin de traverse et de me diriger vers les Roches du Diable par un autre parcours. Mon Dieu! Après 400 mètres, j'étais tout à coup le long d'un champ de maïs et une voiture était garée le long du sentier. Quelque chose comme un pick up, style Toyota et je n'aurais pas été surpris d'entendre tout à coup deux gars jouer du banjo et de la guitare.
Un petit gars était sur le terrain en train de travailler sur ce qui me semblait une sorte de jardin. Je me suis immédiatement arrêté et j’ai entamé une conversation de criconstance avec lui. Je n'avais pas remarqué que quelque chose était soudainement très étrange. J'avais d'abord pensé qu'il était sur ses genoux pour travailler sur le terrain. Ensuite, j'ai réalisé qu'il était assez petit. J'ai dit salut! Il m'a salué  aussi et nous avons discuté et bavardé au sujet de la météo, du réchauffement climatique, de MH17 et comment il était difficile maintenant de gagner sa vie. Il m'a dit qu'il vivait dans la ferme juste à côté et nous nous sommes quittés.
Soudain, je me suis senti très étrange, très bizarre, comme si quelque chose de surnaturel m’était arrivé. Je me suis rendu compte qu'il n'y avait pas de ferme du tout dans les environs. Mais qu'était donc ce petit bonhomme?
J'ai continué à marcher, environ 200 mètres, il commençait à faire très chaud. J'ai oublié de vous dire quelque chose. Quand je discutais avec le petit gars, une voiture passa sur la route, quelqu'un du village le plus proche sans doute, et la conductrice, une très jolie femme, m’a regardé comme si j'étais  fou, parlant seul ou avec le vent et le maïs.

Soudain, je ne sus plus où j'étais ni quelle heure il était. J'ai regardé mon BlackBerry et ... il ne fonctionnait plus. Mon Dieu! Je me suis dit! Quel gâchis! J'ai oublié de vous dire qu’inhabituellement j'avais quitté ma maison bien-aimée seulement avec mon BlackBerry et tout à coup il ne fonctionnait pas. Je n'avais pas de cartes, je n'avais pas de boussole et comme je vous l'ai dit juste avant, je ne savais plus où j'étais. J'ai continué à marcher parce que je ne pouvais pas imaginer de revenir sur mes pas. Je suis passé par des lieux étranges. Je ne pouvais pas me rappeler où j'étais et en fait, c’était très proche de mon domicile. Tout semblait étrange. curieux. J'ai essayé de nouveau de vérifier si mon BBerry fonctionnait, mais pas moyen, rien ne marchait. C'était très surprenant pour moi parce que ce matin, je l’avais rechargé et il fonctionnait très bien ... jusqu'à ce que je rencontre le petit gars étrange sur le champ de maïs. J'étais soudain anxieux, ne sachant pas exactement où j'étais, pas de GPS, pas de carte, pas de maisons. Je suis passé par un petit bois. Des bruits étranges encore, des oiseaux et toutes sortes d'animaux que je ne reconnaissais pas.
Soudain, j'ai vu un panneau routier avec Boblaye écrit dessus et un autre juste après où il était écrit "Roches du Diable". Donc, je n'étais pas totalement perdu. Les Roches du Diable, ça me semblait une bonne direction. Comme j’étais totalement perdu, sans doute qu'aller en enfer était la meilleure chose à faire pour m’en sortir. Et j'avais raison. Encore 100 mètres et j'ai pu voir un autre panneau "Kerbreton" et Calvaire de Bonigeard, 2 kms. Ouf! Je n'étais plus perdu. Ouf! Je ne sais pas ce qui s'était passé, mais je n'ai pas essayé de vérifier si le petit bonhomme sur le champ de maïs était une personne humaine, un Korrigan ou le diable lui-même qu'ils appellent Ankou ici. J'ai vérifié à nouveau mon BlackBerry. Tout était parfait. J'ai appelé mon épouse et lui ai dit que je rentrais.
J'ai décidé de retourner à la maison et de passer le reste de la journée à parler avec ma bien-aimée.
Juste un conseil, si vous rencontrez un petit gars sur un champ de maïs lors de vos promenades dans la campagne bretonne, ne jouez pas à Rip Van Winkle, ne lui parlez pas et ignorez le, parce que les Korrigans sont très facétieux et parfois ce n'est pas un Korrigan que vous rencontrez mais le diable en personne, l’Ankou comme on l'appelle ici.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

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FREE FROM JULY 29 TILL AUGUST 2 I will pursue you until death and beyond! Excerpt of "Canal Bridge"

...The three protagonists had disappeared and the hotel where they had stayed the night of September 30 – October 1 1993 couldn’t provide any police record, which wasn’t exactly surprising.
The church didn’t bring him the serenity he desired and he continued on his way to the castle. He passed a few restaurants. He was hungry now. But it was too early probably. He could wait. Place de la Deportation, a small fountain caught his attention. He sat on a bench facing the Pyrenees. The mountains were beautiful. He should retire there. An exceptional light came through the clouds on the highest peaks. The intuition of a presence made him turn around, but no, there was nothing, no one. The sound of the water fountain gave him a sense of peace. At that moment, he felt an arm encircle his neck, a mouth close to his ear as if to embrace and a knife against his throat. He was petrified. For others, it was more like a lover game than an attempted assault. He felt blonde curls fall in front of his eyes. Which one was it? Her voice gently:
« You've fucked my dear sister, and then you killed her and threw her into the river like a beast. I will pursue you until death and beyond! »
Suddenly, there was nobody. Just the sound of the fountain. He turned back. The place was empty, but a slight trace of blood appeared on his neck.
He began to tremble. What was this accusation? He had not raped or killed anyone except in dreams …
He was scared now...

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You took advantage of your position to send her to the Laogai! ... GAME OVER... an excerpt

Guan Kai paces in front of the Yuan Min Yuan, the Palace of Palaces, the little gem destroyed by French soldiers nearly a century ago. He has been expecting Mona for at least half an hour. He is not impatient. He's used to it. Since working with her, he knows that punctuality is not her first quality. He came by bus to be as unobtrusive as possible. He has many things to say to Huang Yinghua. There are merchants outside the palace. He has already bought his ticket. A taxi arrives. He stops a little further on. That must be her. Yes that's right. She leaves the taxi but she is not alone. She's crazy. Erwan’s children are with her. He's upset! She sees him and waves. He approaches and smiles at the children. He keeps a straight face but he is angry inside. The children spontaneously recognize him and come to embrace him.
"Yinghua, I have got to talk about serious things. Why did you bring these children with you?"
"Think Guan Kai! These children are a wonderful cover for a discreet rendezvous. We are just a couple helping their foreign friends, taking their children on a tour of the Yuan Min Yuan to show them an example of western hypocrisy."
She smiles and adds:
"And they do not know enough Chinese to understand the things we'll talk about. Then you'll see they are great. I tell you, the perfect cover! Just forget that you understand French, because you're officially my driver and assistant."
He says to himself he is too straight, too serious and lacks imagination. But of course it's a good justification. And since it is private, they have not taken the official car which simplifies any criticism."
"Well, again Mona, this is not all, I have to buy tickets."
Speaking French, she addresses the two children. They are overexcited.
"Stay with Uncle Guan, I'll buy the tickets."
Loïc and Lorraine come straightaway to take Guan Kai’s hand. The scene is quite comical and attracts a few curious onlookers. Many people take pictures. An older woman asks Guan Kai to take a picture of her with the little foreigners. Not very calm all this, but so friendly, showing friendship with young foreigners, in short, right in the official propaganda. Mona is back with the tickets and they enter the palace. They stroll. Loïc and Lorraine run before them. They marvel at what they see. Occasionally Mona gives an explanation. 
“Huang Yinghua, your uncle has asked that I inform you of several things. And he asked me to do so discreetly. These are serious matters."
Mona looks at him from time to time. He keeps a straight face and is very pleasant with the children but she feels that it is serious.
"Well go ahead, Guan Kai! What's going on?"
Guan Kai is unclear where to start. There are so many things to say.
"There is the question of adoption of this child by your friends! It is not easy. Lao Huang has used his influence to speed things up, but there is resistance. The two notaries in charge of the case are showing very ill will and we cannot ignore their advice. So it will hang for a while."
Mona looks. He looks so serious and he is so devoted to her:
"Yes, that's normal. I knew it would be difficult and it would take time. But the child, Emilie is with them and that's the point. As they are not leaving China, there are no problems. Cécile has a long term contract with Editions and Erwan works for us."
Guan Kai continues:
"There are many critics in the Police. The events of last year have allowed ex-Red Guards to come back, supporters of the left line. They criticize your uncle and how he manages the tracking of dissent. Even if you are undercover, there are rumors about you too."
"What kind of rumor?"
That's hard to say, but for example, the story of this girl, Cao Yu, the former Wang Jun girlfriend, things are not kept secret. It is said that you took advantage of your position to send her to the Laogai!"
Mona is stunned. How can they know these things? Guan Kai continues:
"The rumors are so obvious that Frederic Rochester learned of some things when he went to Lanzhou! He met Cao Yu! Okay, no problem. But he knows!"
"Ah, I begin to understand his comments about the ethical problem!"
“The problem is being solved. We had contact with the Iron Tiger and Cao Yu will soon be transferred to Chongqing, getting her out of the Laogai, which is better for everyone because she should never have gone in!"
Mona feels bad. As if all the arrangements she has made were not working! And this story of Cao Yu! How could they rely on Wang Jun, the idiot? She even married him. Guan Kai continues:
 "With the people we trust, we managed to control everything! We have spread counter-rumor! Regarding the Cao Yu case we have accused Wang Jun. Unofficially, he has manipulated you. The meeting with Du Jiansen and your uncle never existed. Moreover there are no minutes. Wang Jun was a secret agent who had coverage as a traffic cop. But everything is complicated. So we’re trying not to rock the boat. And hope that nothing unusual happens. Otherwise, everything could go wrong. Everything is related in fact."
Mona feels increasingly bad. She wants something else, a normal life. And yet every night she finds Wang Jun. She sleeps with him. She's had enough. Guan Kai has not finished. He comforts her somehow. He is so balanced, so hard. She knows she can rely on him.

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