Saturday, 25 October 2014

There was panic in the mass of students. I saw the first heads flying... a new excerpt of GAME OVER

Wangfujing! Cosmos and Na walk peacefully. They are half way down the street. There is a shop of musical instruments. They stop.
"You see Na, this guitar, the Fender, I would love to get it."
Na looks him. She loves him. He's so into music. And she, so inside Buddhism. These permanent misunderstandings between them. And yet they love each other! As such, she would like things to get better. This relationship with these foreigners.  Her fear of the police. These nightmares she has all the time. When she sees a jeep in the street, she trembles. Her relationship with the Master of Qi Gong is so strong. Na is afraid! She is afraid of everything. Today is a special day. Soon, the anniversary of Tiananmen. The chaos that preceded the new order. But the new order is not what was hoped for.
"I want to buy it. I sold a painting last week. I think I can. I have enough money!"
He leans toward her, he kisses her passionately. People around them look! Some in disgust, others with empathy! Such is China!
They continue on their way. They go up Wang Fu Jing Street.
Cosmos knows where he’s going.
“Yu Zhou!"
"Yes honey!"
"I'm afraid! I keep having nightmares! One is always the same! We are at Muxidi! We run! And then someone kills you. There is a lot of blood!  I'm really scared!”
"Those are just dreams and fears, honey! Do not be afraid, everything will be fine."
They continue on their way. After Wang Fu Jing they take a small street on the left. They go on! They are in front of a restaurant called Beautiful China!
"Do you remember? We came here with Erwan!
A few months ago!"
"Yes, I remember! I brought him! People on the bus watched us with a funny look. What a mess: A pretty Chinese woman and a foreigner. I liked the situation!"
"Well that's it! We are returning to the“Beautiful China! "
"But Zhou, it is not time to eat!"
Cosmos looks at her, having fun!
"It's always time to eat, especially the ravioli, and here they are excellent."
She smiles, approaches him, takes him by the neck, puts her lips onto his. He doesn’t resist. Delicious moments. Precious seconds. He stands back:
"Let's go! The owner is a friend!"
Cosmos knocks on the door. A voice:
“Yu Zhou!"
They hear the door being unlocked. Someone opens. It is the boss.
"Come in Yu Zhou. All your friends are here!"
Cosmos and Na enter the room.
It's a bit dark inside. Around fifteen people are present. Na does not know them except her friend Liu Hong of the Academy of Fine Arts. But Cosmos seems to know everyone. Most are activists, former students of Beida. All are set around a few tables. Cosmos speaks:
“Dear friends, a year ago, the fascist clique of Li Peng launched the troops to crush the movement of Tiananmen. We are the heirs of the movement of May 4, 1919! The Communist Party has betrayed the people. We students, we are the future of China. And as Lenin said, what is to be done?"
Someone stands up:
"The situation is difficult, but many students and citizens of Beijing are ready to take decisive action to show the fascist dictatorship of Li Peng that we are not beaten. As our comrade Cosmos just said, what do we plan for the anniversary of the massacre of June 89?"
Cosmos observes everybody. Na is close to him! She is so scared. She hasn’t participated in riots! Most of the participants were on the barricades in Muxidi and in other places. Someone stands up that neither Cosmos nor Na knows! He is a small man but he has a very decided air:
"My name is Xu Jiangmen! I am a maths teacher in Chengdu. In Sichuan, many of us want to act. I participated in the movement last year in Chengdu. The repression was extremely brutal. There, they sent not tanks but riders with sabers and they beheaded many of my comrades. We were all around the statue of Mao. We shouted slogans. We were very numerous. The Sichuan University was represented by thousands of students. It was June 2 in the evening. We occupied the whole space. An emissary of the provincial government had come shortly before. Some Gao Lijun. He told us that our demands for democracy would be taken into account, but we had to leave the square.

We agreed and started to take down our tents. That's when the riders arrived. We hadn’t heard them coming. And suddenly there they were with swords. There were so many of them, fierce warriors. I was right next to the statue of Mao, the great statue in front of the provincial government in Chengdu. There was panic in the mass of students. I saw the first heads flying. They bore down into the crowd. I do not know who they were. But they were fierce. No mercy! They systematically killed! I do not know how I escaped but I'll remember all my life that barbarism."

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Friday, 24 October 2014


« Killers always return to the scene of their crime … » 

He came to Agen, remembering souvenirs hidden for 20 years. He discovered inglorious and obscure things related to the Canal Bridge. 
She observed him and he was not aware of it ... 
Canal Bridge is a frightening short story about a crime of passion which happened in Agen and Pau in the South-West of France…